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Weekend at Cybermummy – The Gallery

It’s Tara’s Gallery time and I’m joining in for the first time in ages, even though she plastered my baldy peahead all over her ‘blogger to blogger’  Powerpoint presentation at Cybermummy 2011 and made me weep. (Only joking, Tara. I was really touched that you picked my post).

I spent the weekend enveloped by the maternal behemoth that was Cybermummy. I wasn’t supposed to be going at all – money worries due to unemployment of the OH had put paid to my conference dreams and sponsorship didn’t seem like it was going to happen for me. I was resigned to watching it all unfolding on Twitter. Then out of the blue my lovely friend, Laura, pulled an enormous rabbit out of her hat and sorted my travel and accommodation. The ticket was procured at the very last minute and all was ready for the big event.

The travelling down in Cybermummy Car 6 with a bevy of excitable bloggers was an experience I will never forget. Our Santa Fe was a wonderful beast of a car, provided by Hyundai_UK, and the journey was long, ridiculous and totally unforgettable. I hope some of you managed to catch the Bohemian Rhapsody video at the Hyundai stall on Saturday…

I have to be honest. Cybermummy was professional and organised, and I enjoyed the sessions I attended and it was fascinating to wander around the sponsors’ stalls snaffling their wares. Whilst at the conference, I was lucky enough to get my hair styled by one of the celeb hairdressers, who gave me ‘Cat Deeley’ hair, but the most important thing for me was to meet the bloggers who have become friends over the past year or two.The social aspect of Cybermummy was what really twisted my melon. The thought of seeing porridgebrain, karamina, mumrablog, EnglishMum, tara_cain, rozzibee, cosmicgirlie (and countless others) in the actual flesh made my head pop. What was totally unexpected, but so welcome was the fact that because we’d done all our getting to know each other online, the awkwardness I often feel in social situations was virtually non-existent. We talked, laughed and decorated dildos like we’s known each other all our lives. It was a wonderful weekend.

The whole weekend got me thinking about the nature of friendship and what it means to be a friend on my return home. I have been fortunate throughout my life to meet like-minded (and not so like-minded!) souls and make friendships that I know will last a lifetime. This post is dedicated to one of these friends, the aforementioned Laura. Here she is at the weekend in all her gurning, gurgling, gin-guzzling glory…

Laura’s made the last seven years of my life brighter and fuller than she could know. I hope that the silly bugger realises what attending the Cybermummy weekend meant to me – I think she does…


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Week 52 of Tara’s Gallery. It doesn’t seem two minutes, etc, etc. This week the theme is Hair and I am so looking forward to seeing the bad hairstyles on offer from my fellow bloggers.

In 2008, I was recovering from breast cancer treatment and my hair was growing back slowly. For a pictorial demonstration of the loss and the regrowth, pop to this previous Gallery post. It was good to have it back, don’t get me wrong, but I missed my long locks and straightening my pixie crop with mini-straighteners just didn’t cut the mustard. What could I do? How could I sate my lust for rampant hairstyling?

It was then that my eyes fell upon 4 year old O. A boy with lucious curly locks, tousled and bouncy. AND RIPE FOR THE STRAIGHTENING!

He was pliant and still as I impressed upon him the need not to move as I brandished the scorching GHDs. He went from this:

to this, in a matter of minutes:

I know he looks sad – but it was a transient sadness. I do have a beaming photo – look!

Yes, it was wrong, but these were desperate times. Now I’ve got my own wild curly mane (chemo can make your hair come back curly) and my straightening days are long behind me. It takes far to long to even achieve a wavy kink out of the new hair. But O is safe too – I think at the ripe old age of six, he would tell me in no uncertain terms to PUT THE STRAIGHTENERS DOWN, MUMMY!

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>The Gallery – Expressions

>It’s Tara’s Gallery once more and this week the demand is ‘Expressions’. My entry is created via a marvellous iPhone app called Pocket Booth. I was introduced by Laura on a boozy night out in the Fighting Cock (we’re so sophisticated). It recreates the photobooth photo strips of old. I love this app – it is so pleasingly retro.

My boy has an alarmingly rubbery face for one so cherubic. I often wonder whether a Lee Evan-esque career awaits him…

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>Ninjas – The Gallery

>It’s Gallery time again. The theme is Children – I can’t wait to see the photographs submitted.

I’ve picked these two ninjas. The curly boy is O and the lovely girl is Laura from Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy‘s 6yo. We were camping in the Lakes and the children were ninjaing wildly by the side of a beautiful lake…

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>It’s time again for Tara’s Gallery.

The theme is Mother Nature and there are a wealth of posts over there with some wonderful photographs. Pop on over there for a glimpse or two…

I’ve picked this beautiful specimen, who currently resides at Tropical World in Leeds. I imagine he will divide the Gallery gang – not everyone loves a slithery sort…

I have a vivid memory of one particular day at infant school. The teacher told us we were going to have a very special visitor. Imagine the frisson of excitement and dread that ran through the class when it was revealed that the special visitor was a man. A man with a snake!

I can recall the fear I felt as I stood there in the hall with my classmates. The snake was huge and was coiled around his owner, his tongue flickering lazily in and out. We were asked if we wanted to come and touch the snake and most of us said no as we were convinced it would be slimy and cold. I don’t remember how the next bit came about, but suddenly I was stood next to the snake man and stroking the warm, dry scales of the beautiful snake and feeling utterly brave, fearless and in love. When I got home, dad got me a book on snake care down from the loft (no idea why he had it). I read this book over and over again. I must have been the only six year old in Yorkshire who knew how to milk a snake for its venom.

Ever since that landmark snake-touching day, I have been fascinated with snakes and can stand for hours watching their slightly sinister eyes and sinuous movements. I had to be physically dragged from the reptile house at Tropical World the last time we were there. I believe that M and O may both have indulged in some epic eye-rolling.

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>Black and white – spot the difference…


This one’s for the Gallery over at Tara’s. I’ve had a little rummage and there are some amazing photographs this week. In fact, they are really fantastic every week! Please pop over and have a look…

Spot the difference between these two little boys. One of them is my son, the other is his dad. Loads of people say that O is a little mini-Mel, but here I see that he really is his daddy’s son…

There is the same cheeky glint in the eye. The wayward hair sprouts perkily on both of them and they are both sporting glorious knitwear. How things run through the generations.

M is going through some tough stuff at work at the moment. He’s weighed down with cares and worry and is very quiet and introspective. When I look at his baby picture, I see the boy he once was and I see the gleam in his eyes and the happiness in his smile and I long more than anything for the light and life to return to them.

 Meanwhile, we’ll get through as best we can…

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>Show me the funny – O’s comedy thang


It’s Gallery time again over at Sticky Fingers and this week Tara’s asking us to tickle her funny bone and spread the laughter throughout the internet. So without further ado, here’s my funny, gurning, daft little O doing his comedy thang…

Wearing Great Gran’s comedy teeth

The Egyptian

Mother and…gurn
Still smiling after throwing up in the maze and taking half an hour to find our way out…

Even his socks are funny…

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