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Silent Sunday


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I apologise for this post – it is self-indulgent and adolescent. That being said, I have enjoyed writing it and *researching* it…

I have a crush. A crush I may have mentioned before in relation to the frottage of a certain cardboard man, by the name of Adrian Pasdar, Nathan Petrelli in Heroes. Swoon. Part of the attraction is the *ahem* close relationship his character enjoyed with his onscreen brother, Peter, played by the equally easy-on-the-eye Milo Ventimiglia. Seriously, should brothers be THIS close?

(disclaimer: I am certainly not complaining and my answer is YES, if they are hot)

Oh, the lovely brothers…

Sorry, got a bit distracted…

Ah, yes. In the most joyous of Heroes (and mainly Petrelli) fanservice, Marvel Anime have provided this video of Pasdar as Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Ventimiglia as Wolverine. Thank you, Marvel. My little fan-girl heart beats a little faster…


Okay, okay – back to normal blogging service. Thanks for indulging me…

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I fancied a change. I’ve changed since I started My Mummy Wrote This For Me – I’m further down the line from breast cancer and things are changing for me. The blog was initially written for O and lately, that has seemed restrictive and I haven’t been giving it my all. Mind you, there has been a lot going on…

So, here’s the new me. More writing about what tickles my fancy and things that may or may not float your readerish boats. I hope you’ll still pop by. I have lots of wittering to do 🙂

fenngirl x




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One sunny evening, it was just me and O…

We made music and did silly photos….

It had been a very hard week, but chilling out with the squirrels made it better…

I am determined to keep finding the joy in the little things – those things really are the ones that make life worth living…

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The Gallery – Green

I wasn’t going to do a Gallery post this week, but here I am live- blogging as we walk (actually I’m plonked on the grass as O and M play ‘throw the rocket’. The photo was too green and cheeky to miss out, plus our Gallery-mistress, Tara, loves a good tree.

Spot Cranidos (O’s latest Pokemon incarnation) lurking in the foliage…

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>Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

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>It’s Week 50 of the Gallery and the theme this week is trees. Tara over at Sticky Fingers loves trees with a passion.

I share this love. Some of my happiest memories are of walks in the woods with M – long, lazy walks just enjoying the silence under the leafy canopy. We take O on these walks now and I’m hoping he too will grow to love trees as much as I do.

Growing up in Halifax, we were lucky to have the most wonderful woods as our playground. There were rocks and gnarled old oaks and we had the freedom to roam free. It was a magical place – away from the strictures of parents and prying eyes. We could let our imaginations run riot – I remember one alarming incident with a burning candle and a large dry pile of leaves. Thank goodness parents didn’t know what we were up to. This fills my parental heart with trepidation – what on earth will O get up to when his independence grows?!

I can’t wait for the trees to burst out into greenery and blossom this year. Winter has seemed so long this year – it will be a relief to wave goodbye to it.

My photo for the Gallery this week celebrates the joy to be had in the woods – a little bit of tree-hugging if you like, by my very own little tree elf.

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